Julie Cunningham

Julie CunninghamWorking with the energies of the body for many years it has become a passion of mine.
  • I use a variety of methods in my practice:
  • Energy Chakra Balance where I work with the energies in and around the body, aligning, shifting and balancing them. Getting your energy centers or chakras to work in harmony for your mind, body and soul.
  • Vibrational Sound healing subtly vibrates through the body at a cellular level, helping to shift any feelings of being stuck and realign at a deep level.
  • I also provide Guided Insights in a written or verbal form that may help with issues presenting themselves at present. Bringing more clarity of mind and allowing the ability to move forward.
  • The "Essence of D'Light" Essences is another tool I offer. These Essences can offer ongoing support and help to assimilate and integrate what has come about during a session.

Each session allows relaxation and time out while being nurtured and balanced, with the possibility of a deeper understanding of self, while restoring your energy and well-being.

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